Drama must carry a message in its fold says scenarist George Arabji

Damascus,( ST) -  The series "Black Rose", written by George Arabji and directed by Samir Hussein, is based on the idea that there is no good or absolute evil in lifeand this is depicted through most of the work personalities, especially the two main characters of  the work, Raoud and Wared, performed by the artist Jaber Goukhdar.

The work is presented on the Syrian channels during the month of Ramadan. The scenarist Arbaji said in an interview with SANA that, “I wanted to present through the characters of "a black rose" the idea that a person is born without characteristics of good or evil, but he will later acquire these characteristics through his environment, education and circumstances.


About the Syrian and Algerian societies within the work "a black rose", Arabji explains that the story of the work did not go into the social fabric of the two countries, explaining that he traveled to Algeria and completed writing about half of the work there, which allowed him to get to know the Algerian environment and its people.

He says that "Syrian T.V series attract an Algerian audience that encouraged the Algerian producer side to accomplish this joint work."


Raghda Sawas