"The Jerusalem Guard" series, a model of resistance drama

The Jerusalem Guard series, produced by The General Establishment of Radio and TV Production of the   Ministry of Information , stands up to the artistic works that promote normalization with the Israeli occupation entity, presenting the biography of archbishop Hilarion Cappucci highlighting his resisting national and spiritual values that helped and supported the oppressed people in the face of injustice.

The Guard of Jerusalem" by scenarist Hassan Yousef and director Bassel al-Khateeb, managed to achieve a high rate of viewing  while presenting valuable content with an interesting artistic template and professional standards , including the text that narrates the life of Archbishop Cappucci.

 Several national messages related to the love and glorification of Syria, the Palestine question and just Arab causes, were included in"The Guard of Jerusalem" series which is considered the largest  and the most important production of the General Establishment of Radio and TV Production , despite the challenges related to the completion of this work, including the great number  of places and the countries where archbishop Cappucci lived or visited, taking into account the difference of times and the accompanying visual settings, contents and clothing, which prompted the cadres to create solutions so that viewers do not feel  that all the action scenes were filmed inside Syria and without resorting to the archive for any scene.

The technical mastery gave added value to "The Jerusalem Guard" series including the graphic music, fashion, accessories, decoration, photography, lighting, along with the high performance  of all the actors, especially the actor Rasheed Assaf .

SANA quoted the critic Omar Jumaa as saying that the work is a continuation of the projects that were adopted by the Syrian drama from the beginnings, where it has given a large part of its attention to the Palestinian cause, with the aim of showing its justice and the  injustice that the Palestinian people have been exposed to, He reiterating the importance of "The Jerusalem guard" and the high levels of viewings it had achieved , the threats to the cause of Palestine through humiliating settlement projects and calls for normalization reaching to the so-called deal of the century.

Jumaa described the series “The Guardian of Jerusalem” as the immortal dramatic artwork, in which scenarist Hassan Yousef and director Bassel al-Khateeb were able to provide all the  factors of success as they personified the suffering of the Palestinian people through the personality of archbishop Cappucci, recalling  the days of the Nakba and the launch of the contemporary Palestinian revolution in 1965 in addition to revealing what is going on in the prisons of the Israeli occupation. There was also focus on the human side of Archbishop Cappucci , refusing to say that the "Jerusalem Guard" came in response to the suspicious series of normalization.

“The Guardian of Jerusalem” is expected to have a presence on the world arena as it will be shown soon translated into several languages to convey the message of Syria, the resistant and the defender of truth, good and humanity.

The cast includes a number of prominent Syrian actors including Samia Jaza'eri, Salim Sabri, Sabah Jaza'eri and Amal Arafeh and others.

Amal Farhat