The Culture Ministry holds concerts, without audience, for three days during Eid Al -Fitr

The Ministry of Culture will organize a cultural activity for three days during Eid Al-Fitr under the title "Culture in Your Home", which includes a number of concerts without an audience, to be broadcast on Syrian TV and the Ministry's channel on the YouTube.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry, the cultural activity includes holding a daily concert by , the National Symphony, the National Band for Arab Music and the Orpheus Orchestra in a number of well-known cultural monuments in Damascus including the gardens of the Opera House, the National Museum and the stairs of  Al-Assad National Library.

 The Ministry will also hold mini-concerts in the courtyards of some public hospitals , Mouwasat, Al-Assad University Hospital , Al-Birouni or Children's Hospital, during the three days to show solidarity with the patients and convey a message of appreciation  to the medical staff and all the workers of the health sector in  tackling the Corona epidemic.

The Ministry indicated that all concerts will be organized without an audience and will be broadcast on Syrian Arab TV and the Ministry of Culture channel on YouTube.

Amal Farhat