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Syrian singer Shahd Barmada releases new song to support children with cancer

Syrian singer Shahd Barmada has recently released a song on a YouTube channel as part of an initiative called "Childhood Is Life", in a bid to support children with cancer.

The proceedings of the song, which depicts a love story that triumphs over malicious attempts to undermine it, will go to the initiative.

Through her song, Barmada tried to move away from traditional singing that she has been adopting since the beginning of her career. She also sought to achieve diversity and present a light and fast song.

The song was written by Hani al-Sarow, composed by Ahmed Zaeem and distributed by Amro Abdel Fattah. The mixing and audio mastering steps were done by Maher Salah, the video of the song was designed by Samer Salem while general supervision was done by Eyad al-Bunni.

 “Childhood Is Life” initiative was launched on YouTube in March, 2017 to release entertainment activities in support for cancer patients in Syria. Several artists and actors took part in the initiative which has achieved notable success and circulation through musical works that related to the contemporary Syrian song.

Hamda Mustafa