Diverse artistic works at the "feminine experience 4" exhibition in Damascus

Head of the Directorate of Culture in Damascus Waseem Al- Moubbayed and Director of the Arab Cultural Center Rabab Ahmad have recently opened a collective exhibition titled "Feminine Experiences 4" at the Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh.

 The exhibition includes diverse works for 26 women artists in photography, paintings, engraving on stones, and Arabic calligraphy.

Artist and photographer, Zakaa Izzat Al-Kahhal, the organizer of the exhibition, told Syria Times e- newspaper “the idea formed because we wanted to hold a distinguished exhibition. We were seven talented artists and now we are 26 artists. The exhibited works are various.”

Unique Paintings for Prominent World Artists Decorate the Streets of Lattakia

Art is one of the most important means of enriching the mind, as it is the work of fertile, creative imaginations that showcase the cultures of  people  or ancient historical events and experiences.

There is increasing interest in disseminating works of art in all parts of the cities, primarily due to the deep conviction of the importance of art in the life of society ,  its happiness and prosperity. This interest has expanded to take sophisticated forms such as the establishment of open-air museums as well as carrying out several artistic initiatives, workshops and campaigns where some places    are devoted to spreading artworks throughout them, thus becoming a destination for enjoying the arts.  

"Searching for Amazement", in Esber's Paintings

The entire story started few years ago, when I entered, for an issue related to work, the office of the new head of English language department at the Higher Language Institute at Damascus University, Dr. Mada El Saleh,whom at the point,I knew nothing about her rich background; yet from the first eye contact I felt something special, she was very welcoming with such a charming personality,her serenity and peace of mind revealed a vivid soul and mind. Two years later, I was to hold a solo photography expo and invite Dr. Mada, who told me that her mother too is an artist. A year later, her mother, Dr. Fatma Esber,held an expo at Abu Roumana Cultural Center.

The Arab Center for Radio and Radio Training holds a course on line about detecting the false news

The Arab Center for Radio and Radio Training in Damascus held an on line workshop entitled "Combating False and Misleading Strategies for Pandemics (Covid 19 Model)"

The course was by remote training from Dubai, by journalist Mahmoud Ghazayel.A group of Arab journalists from various Arab countries participated in it.

Randa Tuffaha shows Keys from Palestinian memory

Artist Randa Tuffahaheld her third solo exhibition entitled "Keys from Memory" at the Arab culture center of Abou Rummanah ,Damascus .


The exhibition, which is about the Palestinian cause and the right to return to their homeland, includes more than 40 paintings of various sizes between small, medium and large, using oil colors which she likes.