Handmade works in a collective exhibition in Damascus

On the occasion of Mother's Day, the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh hosted a collective exhibition for Majmouat Noon “Noon group” handmade works from March 22th until March 27th.

The exhibition displayed works for seven artists including handicrafts as straw and bamboo works, painting and calligraphy, hand embroidery, resin art, sculpture, candles, painting on glass and mosaics.


The exhibition also displayed works of the people of association Dar Al Karama for taking care of the elderly.

Wafa Mousa Attalah, from association Dar Al Karama for taking care of the elderly said that holding exhibition aimed at encouraging the  elderly people psychologically and helping them to benefit from time and produce useful things.

The participating artists were inspired their works from our local heritage and presented them in new framework in addition to recycling old things in homes.

Rana Qanawati, the organizer of the exhibition, said to Syria Times: “This is our eighth annual exhibition on the occasion of Mother's Day”.

“Our aim is to showcase beautiful handmade products and encourage women to work and make distinguished works”.

“Some participating women present handicrafts to support themselves and their families,  Rana said, adding that holding such event will help them to market their products.

 Participant Rasha Al-Englizi displayed a collection of handmade candles used in different forms with the addition of an artistic touch.

 Rasha participated in the exhibition to show her beautiful works and make others get acquainted with her candles.

Lina Al-Englizi, another participant, presented Qishani works that are inspired from our heritage but  a modern form.

The Exhibition is a chance for her to be familiar with  others’ work and to market her works.

Sanaa Abdel Majeed, another participant, displayed painting on glass works. The aim of her  participation is to  show her handmade products and to encourage women to do hand work.

Reported by: Nada Haj Khidr