Palestinian Foreign Ministry calls for international action to stop the Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinians

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affaris has renewed its call on the international community to abandon its double standard policy and force the Israeli occupation to stop its repeated crimes against the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

In a statement reported by WAFA news agency on Monday, the ministry condemned the crimes being committed by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers against the Palestinian people, lands and sanctities. 

“The Israeli occupation and settlers escalate their crimes against the Palestinians every day in a flagrant violation of  international law and international legitimacy resolutions amid complete silence and inaction by the international community,” the ministry said.

 The ministry added that the Israeli forces and settlers committed a new crime this morning by storming Khirbet Samra, Makhoul and Humsa al-Fawqa areas in the northern Valley of  Jordan , by demolishing Palestinian tents and seizing wide areas of lands. They also demolished four homes in Issawiya town in occupied Al-Quds and cut off more than 70 olive trees in the village of Al-Waljeh in Bethlehem, with the aim of implementing the occupation’s colonialist expansionist plans in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The ministry pointed out that these crimes and violations require the International Criminal Court to immediately announce the opening of an official investigation into the crimes of the Israeli occupation and settlers in the occupied territories in order to hold them accountable for these crimes.

Hamda Mustafa