The Trade Union Assembly of Czech, Moravia and Silzko renews rejection of Western coercive measures against the Syrian people

Prague (ST): The Trade Union Assembly of Czech Republic, Moravia and Silzko renewed its rejection of the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the European Union and the United States against the Syrian people, stressing that they represent tools of pressure and siege and aim to impede the reconstruction of the country and slow down the process of eliminating terrorist remnants.

In a statement he made to news  correspondent in Prague, Martin Bech, a member of the Foreign Committee of the Caucus, said that the Czech trade unionists stand with the Syrian workers and trade unionists all over the world who reject these sanctions and demand justice for Syria and all sovereign countries facing the siege and imperialist intervention policies.

He stressed that the positions of solidarity on the part of the Czech trade unionists show the existing will to intensify cooperation between the Czech and Syrian peoples, explaining that the sanctions that overburden Syrians in the period of the struggle against terrorism, the reconstruction of the country and the response to the Corona pandemic serve only the interests of the West and aim to protect the terrorist groups cooperating with it and which enjoy its continuous support.