Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemns the occupation’s plan to establish more than 2,500 settlement units

Occupied Al-Quds, (ST) - The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the Israeli occupation plan to establish more than 2,500 settlement units in occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem), stressing that it is a flagrant violation of all international legitimacy resolutions.

Wafa News Agency reported that, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that, the occupation's announcement of establishing 2540 settlement units east of occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem) violates all international legitimacy decisions, especially Resolution 2334, which affirms the illegality of settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories. This announcement alsoundermines any opportunity to establish an independent Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital.

The Foreign Ministry indicated that the occupation is taking advantage of the international silence and the unlimited support of the American administration to proceed with its settlement policies and theft of Palestinian lands. The Ministry called on the UN Security Council and the European Union to take the necessary measures to stop the crimes of the occupation and its colonial plans.

The occupation authorities announced on Wednesday, a new settlement plan to establish more than 2,500 settlement units in occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Ma'an News Agency stated that the new Israeli plan aims to establish 2540 settlement units to expand settlements on Palestinian lands east of occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

The Israeli occupation continues its expansionist Judaization policies in the Palestinian territories by establishing more settlements, ignoring calls and resolutions of international legitimacy, especially Security Council Resolution 2334, which calls for a halt to settlements.

Raghda Sawas