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The Syrian Computer Society in Lattakia Harvests Gold in Al-Bassel Exhibition for Invention and Creativity

The 19th Al-Basel Exhibition for Invention and Creativity, which was recently held within the framework of the 61st Damascus International Fair, was an important platform for the Syrian youths to present their creative skills and inventions.

The Lattakia’s branch of the Syrian Computer Society (SCS) won the first place, the gold medal and other advanced positions in the exhibition.

Head of the SCS’s branch in Lattakia province Eng. Mariam Fayoud said in a statement to Syriatimes e-newspaper “it is the SCS’s first participation in Al-Bassel Exhibition for Invention and creativity. This event is of great importance as it was held at the level of the country and it presented creative works by a number of individuals and scientific sides”.

She indicated that the Lattakia’s branch of the SCS presented ten projects in different fields by the Artificial Intelligence(AI) and the Robotics clubs as well as the IT and communication incubators.

Eng. Fayoud stressed the need of supporting these academic projects to turn them into applied projects to be well- invested in the reconstruction process of the country and to provide job opportunities.

Syriatimes also interviewed the participants to speak about their winning projects.

Moody project, which took the first place among all participating works, was presented by head of the Artificial Intelligence ( AI) Club at the Lattakia’s branch of the SCS  Eng. Hassan Dayoub  in cooperation with Ali Merei and Ali Fayoud  who are two students of the Mechanical and Electric Engineering faculty-computer engineering and automatic controlling department.

“Moody is the first of its kind in Syria.  We used new AI techniques through which we can work on sentiment analysis” Ali Fayoud told Syriatimes e-newspaper.

He pointed out that the program of Moody project, is applied on computer and it includes two parts. The first one depends on the face features of a person in a picture to work on sentimental analysis including happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety as well as the normal condition.

On is part, Ali Merei talked about the second part of the program, saying it uses  writing texts in English to enable the computer identify the sentimental analysis.

Merei expressed his desire to develop their project to work on internal sentiment analysis through programming sensors for blood pressure and heart pulse.

On his part, Eng. Dayoub said that the Lattakia’s AI Club is very proud of taking part in this exhibition, indicating that Artificial Intelligence future will change the world. He added that the AI Club carries out several projects in different fields including the automation, health care, human computer interface as well as sentimental analysis.

"Winning the first place is a stimulating message for us that the AI club, which is fully youth-led, serves as suitable incubator for the young inventors to strengthen their capacities and encouraging their creativity and inventions” Eng . Dayoub underscored.

The medical project, which got a gold medal in Al-Bassel exhibition, was presented by a group of Biomedical Engineering students at Tishreen University Sam Karafallah, Abudullah Ahmed Qaddour and Ali Mohammed Al-Hassoun Al-Bakeer.

Karafallah told Syriatimes that the medical invention is an electronic artificial limb, which can be used easily by injured people to help them to do the basic functions of the hand.

Qaddour made it clear that the artificial limb can replace an amputated hand palm and below-elbow or above-elbow amputated arm.

Al-Bakeer said that the artificial limb is water-resistant and lightweight. It has become a product which is being sold at a low price, noting that group has received support from the first lady, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad.

According to the students, on September 15th they will open their own starting-up "AVXW Make-Future" company in Hama province which provides different kinds of medical devices to help people of tetraplegia live normal life.

Interviewed by: Rawaa Ghanam

Photos by: Rawaa Ghanam 

Photos by: Rawaa Ghanam