Syria: Keeping Israel out of NPT and IAEA Safeguards Agreements Poses a Threat to International Peace and Security

VIENNA, (ST)-Allowing Israel to keep itself out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the comprehensive safeguards agreements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) endangers the non-proliferation system and poses a serious threat to international peace and Security, according to Syria's Permanent Representative to the Vienna-based UN Office Bassam Sabbagh.

He made the remarks on Thursday during the 63rd IAEA General Conference's debates on "Israel's Nuclear Abilities" and "the Implementation of the IAEA Safeguards in the Middle East".

He said that Israel's continuous rejection of all initiatives calling for creating a Middle East Nuclear Weapon- Free Zone and its refusal to subject its nuclear facilities to the IAEA Safeguards threatens security and stability in this region and endangers international peace.

 Al-Sabbagh made it clear that over the past decades, Israel has been secretly consolidating its nuclear military capabilities without international control and in cooperation with some western countries that supplied the Zionist entity with the Dimona nuclear reactor in addition to sophisticated submarines that carry missiles loaded with nuclear warheads.

He said that the Dimona reactor produces nuclear weapons and a nuclear technology that has enabled the Israeli entity to possess a huge arsenal of nuclear warheads  and intercontinental ballistic missiles that carry these nuclear warheads

Al-Sabbagh pointed out that Syria has been among many other countries of the world that called for a Middle East Nuclear Weapon- Free Zone, noting that in 2003, Syria submitted to the Security Council a draft resolution in this respect, but, he said, none of these initiatives were a success because of Israel's intransigence and refusal to join the NPT.

He criticized the US continuous attempts to block any international resolution or initiative that puts an end to Israel's nuclear threat.

Al-Sabbagh concluded his statement by saying that it is time for the international community to stop ignoring the Israeli dangerous practices and to seek adopting a clear decision and taking practical steps to force Israel to join the NPT and subject all its nuclear facilities to the IAEA safeguards.

Hamda Mustafa