A new batch of displaced families returns to Syria coming from Lebanon

Damascus countryside, Homs, (ST) - A new batch of displaced families on Thursday returned through the centers of al-Dabbousyia, Jussyia and Jdeidet Yabous in the countryside of Homs and Damascus coming from Lebanon and heading towards their hometowns which have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

SANA correspondent from the Jadida Yabous Center in Damascus countryside said that dozens of Syrians displaced by terrorism returning from Lebanon arrived at the center by buses prepared for them to transport them to their homes in the villages and towns from which the terrorist organizations had deserted them before it was defeated.

In the western countryside of Homs, two SANA reporters from the Dabbousia and Jose border posts reported that a number of buses carrying dozens of displaced families and their belongings arrived at their hometowns today. All entry procedures were taken care of by the concerned authorities and medical services were provided to those in needs, especially children.

A number of citizens returning through the crossings, in statements to SANA, expressed their happiness and joy in their return to their homeland and thanked the Syrian Arab Army for its heroic and sacrifices that resulted in the liberation of their villages and towns from terrorism.Over the past period, thousands of displaced Syrians in Lebanon due to terrorism have returned to their villages and towns, and today they have stated practicing their normal life and their work at their lands, and that came in the  framework of the governmental efforts to bring back the displaced to their areas.

The government’s efforts continue in cooperation with the Lebanese side to complete the return of all displaced Syrians to their areas, where, over the past two years, dozens of people have returned through new crossings of Yabus, Dabousieh, Josieh and Zamrani, after the Syrian Arab Army restored security and stability to their areas and cleared them of the remnants of the terrorists.

Raghda Sawas