A government delegation in Aleppo to approve an economic and service development plan for areas liberated from terrorism

ALEPPO, (ST)- A  government delegation led  by  the Prime Minister  Imad Khamis started on Friday  a special visit to Aleppo province  to approve an economic and service development plan for the areas liberated from terrorism and to follow-up the government projects under implementation in there. The Cabinet is due also to hold its weekly session in Aleppo.

The delegation inspected the situation in the areas of Ma`rat al-Numan, Saraqib and al-Zerbeh, which have recently been liberated from terrorism.


During his meeting with members of the army formations deployed  in these areas,  Eng. Khamis conveyed President Bashar al-Assad’s greetings and message of amity, stressing the Syrian people appreciate highly the sacrifices offered by the Syrian Arab Army to liberate the entire soil of the homeland from terrorism and restore security and stability countrywide.

 The prime minster underlined  that the next stage will witness intensive efforts to rehabilitate these areas and build what was destroyed by terrorism at all levels.

Eng. Khamis also inspected the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)  and inspected the  damage  and destruction caused to the buildings there because of systematic terrorist  attacks. He was briefed on the proposed plan to restore this important scientific, research and economic edifice.

Eng. Khamis was also briefed on the situation of education in the liberated areas, on the damage caused to the schools and on requirements of gradual rehabilitation of these schools.

In the same context,  the prime minster inspected the main building of  Ebla Private University on Aleppo – Damascus International Highway  and was briefed on the damage caused to the university during the war, stressing that the government will provide necessary facilitations to support efforts aiming at rehabilitating the university building .

Khamis also held talks with members of the People's Assembly for Aleppo dealing with the importance of joint action between members of the People Assembly and all government sides in order to develop the economic and service situation in Aleppo and invest all potentials in the light of the expansion of the liberated area following the army's victories in the battle to restore security and safety to the entire Syrian territory.

The prime minster noted that the government’s plan focuses on achieving balanced development between the city and the countryside and on the restoration of the state institutions to the areas liberated from terrorism in preparation for the return of the people. In parallel, the plan will focus on ensuring the basic requirements to re-launch production in industrial and craft facilities which had stopped working.

Engineer Khamis said that more efforts will be exerted to achieve human development in the province through supporting the education sector and rehabilitating schools as a priority in the process of reconstructing what terrorism has destroyed.

He stressed that the government seeks resuming the production process in the province, which is a national duty that must be done according to an integrated plan .

Rawaa Ghanam