Aleppo: Ministerial delegation inspects economic facilities

The Ministerial delegation currently visiting Aleppo inspected today a number of economic facilities in Aleppo south western countryside recently liberated from terrorism.

The inspected facilities included the Agricultural Research Centre, two electricity facilities, a factory for ready-made clothes and a poultry facility. The delegation was also briefed on the progress of work in the rehabilitation of Damascus Aleppo international highway.

Minister of Water Resources engineer Hussein Arnous said that services would return as soon as possible to the liberated areas to enable citizens to return to their villages.  

Minister of Agriculture engineer Ahmad al-Qaderi said that a program was put forward to support farmers and put the agricultural work back on track in all the liberated areas.

In turn, Minister of Local Administration and Environment Hussein Makhlouf said that workshops started rehabilitating roads in the liberated areas, noting that government support to Aleppo services sector has amounted to 2.5 bln Syrian pounds since the beginning of the year to finance vital services  and development projects in the city.

Minister of Industry Mohammad Zain al-Abedine said that all facilitations required would be offered to industrialists to relaunch the production process in the factories of the city.