Turkish regime arrested scores of its mercenaries who refused to fight in Idleb

HASAKA, (ST)_ The Turkish occupation forces arrested scores of their mercenary comrades after they tried to flee to Turkish territories because of their fear of being involved in confrontation with the Syrian army in Idleb.

According to local sources in Hasaka province, the Turkish occupation forces closed the border to terrorists, who implement the Turkish regime's orders in the northern countryside of Hasaka, after they tried to run away from Ras Al-Ayn city towards the Turkish territories.

Scores of terrorists were arrested because they refused to fight in Idleb.

In the same context, the Turkish regime's mercenaries abducted 2 women in Em al-Kief town and stole a hundred sheep from the town's residents.

The mercenaries continue to loot residents' properties in towns located at the lines of engagement with the Syrian army.

They demolished the mud houses in Em Eshbeh town with the aim of stealing and selling wood and electrical wires.

Basma Qaddour