Process of re-pumping drinking water to Hasaka resumes after three days of water cuts by Turkish occupation forces

HASAKA, (ST)- Director of the Hasaka Water Establishment told SANA on Wednesday that the process of re-pumping drinking water from Alouk water station to Hasaka city and the surrounding residential areas has been resumed after three days of water cuts by the Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist mercenaries.

“Members from the establishment’s technical team entered the station Wednesday morning and managed to operate the wells and resume pumping drinking water to storage tanks. Once these tanks are filled, drinking water will be re-pumped to the people of Hasaka city and the surrounding neighborhoods and communities according to the previous water rationing program,” Director of Al-Hasaka Water Company Mahmoud Al-Okla told SANA reporter.

"As an urgent solution, Hasaka city Council will deliver water to the locals via tanks until water reaches all houses from the Alouk water station,” according to the head of the council.

 Hamda Mustafa