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Armenian humanitarian mission completes its task of removing hidden killers in a town in Aleppo

The Armenian humanitarian mission has completed its task of removing mines and explosive devices, left behind by terrorists groups, in al-Zeraa town of an area of 51. 334 square meter in the southern Aleppo countryside.
The consul of Armenia in Aleppo gave a speech on the occasion of the completion of the task of cleansing the town. He asserted his country's support for Syrian people  to spread peace. 
The representative of the mission in the Consulate of Armenia in Aleppo made it clear that the goal of the mission is to stand by the Syrian people, who hosted the Armenian people after the Armenian genocide committed by the Ottoman state at the turn of the 20th century. 
The head of the Armenian Evangelical Community in Syria Rev. Haroutioun Selimian affirmed that that humanitarian initiative aimed at removing the mines that were left behind by terrorist groups in Syria and rehabilitating agricultural fields in order to pave the way for the return of displaced people to their houses. 
On his part, Aleppo governor talked about the importance of cooperation with Syria's allies to remove the mines from areas liberated by the Syrian army.
Basma Qaddour