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Fires have damaged 6600 hectares of wheat and Barley fields in Hasaka

HASAKA, (ST)- Some 6600 hectares of agricultural land cultivated with wheat and barley in Syria's Hasaka province have been damaged by fires.

Most of the fires that erupted in the province's western countryside have resulted from the acts of vandalism committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in that area aiming at starving the farmers and putting more pressure on the Syrian government.

According to the Head of Hasaka Agriculture Directorate Rajab Salameh, 2500 hectares of the area affected by the fires were planted with wheat, while 4,100 hectares were planted with barley. These areas are located in the southern and western countryside of Hasaka.

5,000 tons of wheat and 7.000 tons of barley were destroyed as a result of these fires, he said.

 He urged farmers to implement specific safety instructions in order to prevent such fires from occurring.

Hamda Mustafa