2100 candidates compete for 250 seats in Syrian parliament in the forthcoming elections

About 2100 parliamentary candidates will compete against one another in votes to be held on July 19, 2020,  in 7313 voting centers in Syria, according to the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections.
Member of the committee Nouri Fares told the Syrian News Agency (SANA) that the numbers of candidates in each governorates are as follows:  Tartous (58), Sweida (20), Hasaka (207), Idleb (47), Homs (102), Lattakia (217), Der Ezzour (58), Hama (122), Aleppo (312) Damascus (235), Damascus countryside (619), Quneitra (34), Raqqa (37) and Daraa (32).
He made it clear that vote centers will be set up in the areas where the people of Raqqa and Idleb are living now-outside their provinces.
Basma Qaddour