Al-Miqdad to the Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister: Our struggle against the American and Israeli policies will restore our rights

 On July 12, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad received Deputy Prime Minister of Palestine Dr. Ziyad Abu Amr.

Dr. Abu Amr expressed his pride in visiting Syria, which he considered as the torch bearer of the Arab and the Palestinian people.

He added that the American and Israeli aggression is one aggression against Syria and Palestine, and that there is a unity of struggle between the two brotherly countries and the two leaderships Syrian and Palestinian.

He praised the steadfastness and courage of the Syrian leadership and  people, adding that despite the enormous sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people but Syria has increased  in strength because it fought the battle against terrorism.

In turn, Dr. al-Miqdad reiterated the position of the Syrian leadership and people in support for the Palestinian people's legitimate rights, especially the right of return and the establishment of the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.


Dr. al-Miqdad condemned the ‘Deal of the Century’ and the Israeli annexation plan, stressing the importance of continuing of the Palestinian struggle and steadfastness in front of Israeli and American attempts to eliminate the Palestinian cause.

“Our joint struggle against the American and Israeli policies in the occupied Syrian Golan and in the Palestinian territories is the one that will restore rights away from the policies of the American administration and its tools,” Dr. al-Miqdad said.

On the Syrian side, the meeting was attended by Ambassador Milad Attia, Director of the Department of the Arab World, and Osama Ali, Director of the Office of the Deputy Minister, and Yamen Badr, from the Office of the Deputy Minister.

On the Palestinian side, Ambassador Anwar Abdel-Hadi, Director of the Political Department in the Palestine Liberation Organization attended the meeting.

In a statement to reporters, the Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister announced that he had conveyed a message from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to  President Bashar al-Assad regarding the Palestinian situation and the continuing Israeli-American aggression on the Palestinian issue.

Dr. Abu Amr made clear that Palestine and Syria stand in the same trench against the Israeli-American plans.

For his part, Dr. Al-Miqdad expressed Syria’s leadership and people’s support for the Palestinian brothers in their struggle to liberate their lands and restore their rights and that the Palestinian issue will remain a central issue for Syria.

He added that the ‘ Deal of the Century’ and the confiscation of lands and annexation of the West Bank by the Israeli occupation will fail due to the struggle of the Palestinian people and the standing of all the free people of the world next to it, pointing to the deep link between the war targeting the Syrian people and the war on the Palestinian issue.

O. al-Mohammad