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Atlantic Rose, first locally modified ship by national expertise launched from Tartous Port

Tartous(ST) - The Atlantic Rose ship was launched from Tartous port on its first cruise after the national cadres working in the maritime transport sector were able to convert it from a damaged and inoperable ship to a large ship that transports livestock according to the best international specifications.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Director of TartousPort, Eng. Thaer Wannous said that the national technical and labor cadres succeed in converting the ship from a damaged reefer ship into a large ship to transport livestock within the basin of Tartous port through continued work that lasted for 14 months to become equipped according to the latest international standards and specifications for this type of ship.


He pointed out that the total area of the ship is five thousand square meters, while its length is 136 m, and its width is 19 m .It is able to accommodate about 5 thousand heads of cow or 25 thousand sheep heads.It also consists of 6 floors, and each floor is divided into several hangars, pointing to the existence of feeding and drinking automatic machines with ventilation holes.

The captain Abdullah Sabra considered that the most important characteristic of this work is its achievement by national cadres and experts, affirming that this step encourages everyone who has a ship out of service to invest it in what contributes in assisting the transport maritime sector and opening the domain for new job opportunities for the youth.

Wael Khadaraj, owner of one of the workshops working in the maintenance and construction of ships who participated in the ship's, (Atlantic Rose) modification and transformation operation, stressed that national experts are able to accomplish and design ships that compete with international ships in terms of equipment and specifications. He added that Atlantic Rose ship is a message saying that,” in spite of the war circumstances and the siege, we are working as Syrians with all our energy to leave a Syrian imprint in the field of shipbuilding industry according to the global standards”.

Raghda Sawas