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Because of the Turkish occupation, a movement of displacement in the villages of Ras Al-Ain, northwest Hasaka

The Turkish-occupied town of Ras Al-Ain and its villages witnessed a movement of displacement due to the chaos, instability, the large number of terrorist bombings and the state of fighting  between mercenary factions in the town and its countryside.

Civil sources said that a number of families from the Abu Rasin village, eastern Ras al-Ain, have been displaced from their villages and homes towards safe villages where Syrian Arab army units are deployed due to repeated attacks by Turkish occupation mercenaries and the deteriorating security situation.

On July 26, 8 people, including women and children, were killed and others wounded when a car bomb exploded in the town of Ras Al-Ain, where terrorist groups linked to the Erdogan regime are spread in the northwestern Hasakacountryside.


O. al- Mohammad