Huge number of human organs found in one of terrorists' hideouts in Syria

Syrian army units in cooperation with residents found a huge number of human organs  saved inside transparent bottles including chloroform in one the hideouts of terrorists in Ghadfeh village in Maarret al-Noaman region in south Idlib. 
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), one of the doctors turned a home, located 10 km to the east of Maarret al-Noaman into a laboratory where human organs, including heads, eyes, hearts and other organs were saved in bottles. 
Names of men and women were written on the bottles. 
Terrorist groups have used the sale of human organs as a way to finance their terrorist acts, especially in norh Syria. 
Western media reports have talked about the abduction of dozens of children and women with the aim of stealing their human organs. 
Turkish brokers are running the sale of organs, according to media reports.
Basma Qaddour