The People's Assembly: The Syrian Arab Army ‘s victories over terrorism embody courage and honorable stances

The People's Assembly affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army, which is bravely confronting bravely   terrorism, consolidates by  its  victories  the  values of courage  , noble  stances  and  strict adherence  to defending the homeland  against the forces of evil.

Marking  the 75th anniversary of founding  the Syrian Arab Army, the PA   indicated in a statement  that the army embodies the principles and values that it carried since its foundation in defending the land and preserving dignity in the face of hostile agendas that seek to undermine the sovereignty and independent decision of Syria.


The statement underscored that the Syrian Arab Army  is an example of heroism and  sacrifice which   history will remember for a long time and will be passed on from generation to generation.

The people’s Assembly  reaffirmed its confidence in the inevitability of attaining  victory over the plans of enemies  and the ability of the valiant army to continue the march  of patriotism and  belonging to the homeland’s  soil to preserve it prosperity

The statement stressed the Syrian Arab Army ‘s insistence on undermining  all  colonial plans and ambitions.  

The PA addressed  greetings of  pride , respect  and gratitude to the Syrian Arab Army, which has fought battles of honor and sincerity since its foundation in 1945, as well as the martyrs and the wounded personnel. .


Rawaa Ghanam