General Ayoub: Terrorism is retreating, its sponsors witness the collapse of their sinister plans

Damascus (ST): Deputy Commander in Chief of the army and armed forces and Minister of Defence general Ali Abdulla Ayoub affirmed that terrorism was retreating and its sponsors are witnessing the collapse of their plans thanks to the legendary steadfastness of Syria’s people, army and leadership, noting that Syria has set an example to be followed in confronting terrorism and defeating it despite the unlimited support offered by its sponsors.

In a telephone call he made with the Syrian TV Channel on the 75thanniversary for the establishment of the Syrian Arab army, General Ayoub extended congratulations to Syrian people, leadership and men of the army who have been the makers of victories and the bulwark on which all sinister plans targeting Syria were smashed.

General Ayoub prayed to God Almighty to have mercy on the martyrs’ souls who offered their lives in defence of their homeland, its dignity and sovereignty wishing speedy recovery for the wounded men of the army, noting that the martyrs and the wounded personnel are the real heroes of victory. 

On behalf of the Syrian Arab army men, General Ayoub  renewed the pledge to press ahead with the march until the liberation of all Syrian territories from terrorism and its backers, stressing that the enemies of Syria would not be able to subjugate Syria through the policy of blockade and starvation after they had failed to achieve this objective through the terrorist war.

Concluding his speech, General Ayoub affirmed that  Syria is not alone in its war against terrorism as it has real friends and allies who share with it the  satisfaction in the ability to achieve victory.