The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries attack villages in Abu Rasin district, in Hasaka countryside with rockets and missiles

The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from the terrorist organizations assaulted with rockets and artillery shells a number of safe villages in Abu Rasin district in the northwestern Hasaka countryside, causing material damage to the property of civilians and their homes.

Civil sources told SANA reporter that “a missile strike carried out by the Turkish occupation forces and the terrorist groups that support them targeted a number of safe villages, including Tel HermelNweihat and Khadrway, west of Abu Rasin town in the northwestern Hasaka countryside. Then the attack was followed by a sporadic assault with artillery and heavy machine guns, which caused great material damage to the property of the people and their homes. ”

Last week, a woman was injured as a result of a terrorist attack by mercenaries of the Turkish occupation forces from the terrorist organizations, with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns, on the town of Abu Rasin, while material damage was caused to the property and infrastructure of the residents of Al-Tawila village in Tel Tamr countryside in a similar attack.

The Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries deployed in Ras Al-Ain area target the safe villages and towns with missiles and rockets, which leads to claiming the lives of the locals and causing damage to public and private property.

Inas Abdulkareem