Qasad militias (SDF) seize part of the grain silos administration in al- Hasaka and expel workers by force of arms

Al- Hasakah, (ST)  Militias of “Qasad” supported by US occupation authorities seized the second floor of the Department of Grain Silos in Hasakah, and expelled the workers from it by force of arms.

A SANA reporter in al-Hasakah indicated that the SDF militias occupied by force of arms the second floor of the city’s grain silos administration, after they fired the 120 workers from the building.

The reporter stated that there is a silo inside the administration that was approved this year as a center for buying wheat in order to supply the mills with sifted wheat from silos, indicating that the amount of wheat stored in the silo is estimated at 13 thousand tons.

On 27th of last June, the Qasad groups occupied by force of arms the headquarters of the General Company for Electricity in al-Hasakah in the neighborhood of al-Nashwa , the building of the General Administration of Syria for Grains in the neighborhood of Ghweran ,the Sports City part of the buildings of youth housing , the Syrian Informatics Society , the Directorate of Industry and Tourism and Environmental Affairs, the Traffic Branch ,the Directorate of Civil Registryand the commercial bank and fired the workers from all these buildings.

Raghda Sawas