QASAD militia abducts several citizens in Deir Ezzour Countryside

Deir  Ezour (ST): QASAD militia, backed by the US occupation forces, continued its arrest campaign against locals in the city of al-Shehail and its vicinity in the south-eastern countryside of Deir Ezzour and abducted several citizens after the protests that took to the streets demanding  the expulsion of the militia and US occupation forces.

News reporter said that members of the QASAD militia attacked al-Kassar Camp near al-Shehail city, kidnapped a number of citizens and took them to an unknown area.

The reporter added that the militia continued to deploy at the entrances and exits of the cities of Zeban, al-Shehail and al-Hawayej, noting that members of the militia imposed curfew and prevented the performance of Friday prayers in some mosques.