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Al-Aqeedat Tribe Forum: Starting with popular resistance to kick out the American occupier, its mercenaries and militias from the Syrian lands

 The sheikhs and notables of the Arab Al-Aqeedat tribe in Deir Ezzor stressed the need to unify their tribesmen to confront the US-backed SDF militias’ crimes against the Syrian Arab tribesmen in eastern Syria.

During a meeting held on August 9 in the Arab Tent in Deir Ezzor city, the Sheikhs and notables of the Arab Al-Aqeedat tribe issued a statement saying that the American- Israeli-backed SDF militias’ crimes and deeds crossed all red lines including the murder of Sheikh Mutashar al-Hafil in a cold blood. 


“We are meeting today to discuss these matters and take the necessary measures to confront the American occupier and its terrorist gangs, and liberate the Syrian lands,” the statement said. “Syria will remain under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad.”

The participants announced the start of popular resistance against the occupier, its tools and its mercenaries, and considered them a legitimate target of resistance.

Sheikh Kamal Al-Jarrahi confirmed that the meeting of sheikhs and notables of Aqeedat tribe will be in the framework of coordination with the Syrian state, which is the guarantor of all the people of the homeland.

Abd al-Karim al-Hafil, a tribal notable from the al-Akidat tribe, said that the people of Syria in general and the al-Aqeedat tribe in particular have not and will not accept the presence of any occupier on their land and they are continuing to resist the American occupier.

Sheikh Muhammad al-Gharb al-Harsa said that the Arab tribes and clans’ sons will defend the soil of Syria and stand in the face of the American occupier and the SDF gang.

O. al-Mohammad