The Sabkha Tribesmen: We strongly support any resistance to liberate Syrian land from all forms of occupation

On August 10, the Syrian Arab tribesmen in Al-Sabkha town, 50km east of  Raqqa city, expressed their support for any popular resistance to liberate the Syrian lands from the occupation and its tools.

They also expressed their support for the uprising of the Al-Aqeedat tribesmen and other tribes in Deir Ezzor against the US-backed SDF militias.

During a stand in solidarity with the Deir Ezzor tribes, the Al-Sabkha tribesmen issued a statement to denounce the crimes and murders of Arab Syrian tribal leaders and sheikhs by the US-backed SDF gangs.

The Al-Sabkha tribesmen stressed their complete loyalty to Syria and the President Bashar Al-Assad.

On August, the Sheikhs and notables of Al-Aqeedat tribe in the governorate of Deir Ezzorstressed the need to unify their tribesmen in eastern Syria to confront the US-backed SDF militia and its crimes against the local Arab Syrian tribesmen.


O. al-Mohammad