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US-backed militia threatens to use weapons to end the sit-in of Electricity Company's workers in Syria's Hasaka

US-backed "Syrian Democratic Forces" militia has threatened the workers of Hasaka Electricity Company to use weapons and to kidnap them with the aim of forcing them to end their sit-in near the Company, after it  imposed a curfew in the areas controlled by it.
A source at the Company told the Syria News Agency (SANA) that the SDF militia [ Its Arabic acronym is QASAD] has brought in a number of gunmen to the company’s building and threatened the workers directly to shoot them and kidnap them in case they continue their sit-in in front of the Company.
The source added that members of the militia stole in the past period the office supplies and the furniture of the company and built an external fence and changed the main entrance of the company.
It asserted that these violations aim at hindering the services provided to the citizens and serving the agendas of the US occupation forces that illegitimately exist in the region.
Basma Qaddour