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Al-Boassi Arab tribe is ready to fight against US occupation forces and their agents in Syria

Al-Boassi Arab tribe in Hasaka province has declared that it will stand by all the tribes and the Arab clans in Deir Ezzour and Syrian al-Jazeera region to resist the US occupation and its tools.
“We announce that al-Boassi tribe will stand by our people in Deir Ezzour -al-Ak'idat and al-Bakara tribes- and we will strongly support our brothers in their bid to expel the US occupation and its agents from the Syrian al-Jazeera region,” Sheikh Khatib Elyas al-Mustafa, sheikh of al-Boassi Arab tribe, said in a statement released today. 
He added that “al-Boassi tribe is ready to implement what is wanted from it as a supporting force to fight under the banner of the Syrian Arab Republic and our great army,  and we disavow those who have joined the separatist Syrian Democratic Forces militia”.
“We will continue to fight together under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad until the achievement of the full victory and the liberation of all Syrian lands from occupiers and their agents” the statement concluded.
Basma Qaddour