A child died due to lack of healthcare at the SDF-controlled al-Howl Camp

HASAKA, (ST)- Absent healthcare at the al-Howl camp in Hasaka eastern countryside, which is controlled by the US-backed separatist Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia, has caused the death of a child, local sources told SANA reporter.

The sources pointed out that residents at al-Howl Camp, particularly children, are suffering from difficult circumstances and absent healthcare amid increasing fears of the spread of illnesses due to the lack of food and medicine.

Washington and affiliated terrorist groups are holding tens of thousands of displaced Syrians in al-Rukban camp in the Tanf region and in al-Howl camp to the east of Hasaka within tragic conditions that threaten of a humanitarian catastrophe in light of the sharp lack of life requirements, including water, medicine, healthcare, food and security.


Hamda Mustafa