Three civilians died in the collapse of a tunnel for the "Qasad militia" in the city of al-Jawadiyah in the countryside of al- Hasaka

Al-Hasaka, (ST) – Three civilians died and four others were injured as a result of the collapse of a tunnel in the city of Al-Jawadiyah belonging to the "Qasad militia" associated with the American occupation.

Local sources told SANA that as tunnel was being excavated under one of the headquarters of the "Qasad militia" in the city of Al-Jawadiyah, about 50 km east of the city of al-Qamishli, it collapsed causing the death of three civilians and the injury of 4 others who were working in it. They were pulled out from under the dirt and rocks, and the condition of some of them is serious.

The sources pointed out that the "Qasad militia" is using the citizens' need to work after disrupting public life and stopping their sources of income and making them work in digging tunnels and establishing fortifications in the areas where they are spread.

 Raghda Sawas