The Russian-Syrian Business Council provides aid to families affected by terrorism in Hama

On September 20, the Russian-Syrian Business Council, in partnership with the Russian Gathering for the Development of Friendship Relations with Syria, distributed food baskets to about a thousand families affected by terrorism in Hama Governorate, in the Martyr Nasih Alwani Sports Hall.

The Chairman of the Council Dr. LuayYoussef said that this event is held under the title “To the city of Hama with all love from Russia,” during which 55 tons of various foodstuffs were distributed to families affected by the war in the governorate of Hama, especially the families of martyrs, war casualties, displaced and needy families.


Youssef added that this event includes several Syrian governorates, starting in the Salamiyah city, then Hama, and later in Homs, Aleppo, Lattakia, Damascus, Rural Damascus, Tartous and Al-Suwayda.

He said that precautionary measures have been followed to deal with the Coronavirus during distributing foodstuff to the beneficiary families.

For her part, Hoda Al-Agha, General Coordinator of Charitable Activities said that the targeted families were selected in coordination with the Directorate of Social Affairs and Labor and NGOs in the governorate of Hama to ensure the benefit of the affected families.

O. al-Mohammad