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Syria says terrorist groups brought 2 tons of chemical substances to Idlib to stage false flag attack against civilians

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates stressed on Wednesday that terrorists, in cooperation with “the White Helmets” group, supported by their operators, and in coordination with the Turkish regime, are planning to stage a false flag chemical attack against civilians in Idlib.  
The source said that terrorists  affiliated to the so-called “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham,” [HTS]  in coordination with “the White Helmets” group, and with support of their western masters, have brought 2 tons of chemical substances and stored them in a town to the south of Idleb as they are planning, in cooperation with the Turkish intelligence, to stage a false flag attack using chemical weapons against civilians in Idleb to accuse the Syrian Arab army of the act. 
It added that while Syria condemns in the strongest terms such heinous crimes, it calls on countries that support terrorists to stop those tricks whose victims were only innocent Syrian civilians.
“The Syrian Arab Republic will hold the countries which support terrorism, particularly the US, France, Germany, Netherlands and Turkey responsible for using these toxic materials and killing innocent civilians without any moral deterrent,” the statement added.
It made it clear that  Syria had reiterated that it has never and can’t use such weapons because it doesn’t possess them, Syria stresses at the same time, that such repeated  crimes will not affect its stance in the war against terrorism until it restores safety and security to its people in all Syrian territories.
Basma Qaddour