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Syria affirms Human Rights’ Council ignores that unilateral coercive measures are behind difficult circumstances of the Syrian people

Syria has decried the international silence towards the unilateral coercive measures and the economic terrorism being imposed on the Syrian people, affirming its rejection of the Human rights Council report which adopts double standards and deliberately ignores international law and the UN Charter in approaching the situation in Syria .
“ Contrary to allegations of human rights care and concern for improving the humanitarian situation of the Syrians, which are claimed by sponsor countries that discuss this item, the Syrians who live under the siege and the economic terrorism being imposed on them in violation of all their basic rights, including their right to healthcare, food and descent livelihood, these Syrians  wonder what human rights these countries talk about “ Hussam Eddin Ala,  the permanent representative of Syria to the United Nations office and other international organizations in Geneva said in a statement to the 45 th session of the Human Rights’ Council about the situation of Human rights in Syria.
“Since the start of the academic year, the separatist "Syrian Democratic Forces" militia has prevented Syrian pupils from going to schools as a result of closing more than 2,000 schools in the northeast region and prevented education there without any condemnation of these violations of the Syrian children’s rights” the statement added.
It, in addition, pointed out that the Turkish regime had cut water supply 23 times  for 1.000.000 residents in Hasaka since the begining of 2020 amid international silence. 
"We have heard no condemnation of this crime, which has been  perpetrated by the Turkish regime and its mercenaries," the statement said, stressing that this crime constitues a war crime and a crime against humanity amid the outbreak of Covid-19. 
It clarified that the Syrians in various regions have been subjected to the worst forms of terrorism, sponsored and financed by countries interested in the human rights situation in the Syrian Arab Republic, and the Syrians have been subjected to military attacks launched by those countries, which claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people and displaced thousands of others and turned them into refugees and displaced persons. 
"The acts of killings, kidnappings, forced displacement, confiscation of land, looting of private property and the recruitment of mercenaries carried out by armed groups under the control of Turkey in northern Syria, as indicated in the statement of the High Commissioner for Human Rights recently, are systematic and gross violations of human rights and war crimes under international law, all that  must be stopped, and the Turkish regime must be prosecuted for that," the statement affirmed. 
It underlined that the report presented to the Council ignores US occupation forces' acts related to plundering and burning natural and economic resources to deprive the Syrian citizens of their resources . 
The report also ignores that the main reason for this difficult livelihood is mainly due to unilateral coercive measures and the economic blockade on Syria and its people, the latest of which is the so-called "Caesar Act" and its negative effects on vital sectors.
The statement concluded by saying that  Syria rejects that selective and politicized report which adopts double standards and is not consistent with previous reports and with the rules of professional and objective investigation. 
Basma Qaddour