A popular gathering of the people of Tal Sateeh village in Qamishli countryside in protest against the American and Turkish occupations

Al-Hasaka, (ST) - The village of Tal Sateeh in Qamishli countryside on Thursday witnessed a popular gathering  protesting against the American and Turkish occupations, demanding the expulsion of the two occupiers from Syrian territories and condemning the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people.

The participants in the gathering affirmed that they stand by the Syrian Arab Army to eradicate terrorism and confront its supporters, and they chanted slogans demanding the expulsion of the occupiers and denouncing the unjust US siege on the Syrian people.

The participants called for resisting the Turkish and American occupations and expelling them from Syria .They protested their  arbitrary practices against the locals by displacing them from their lands and houses, stealing oil and wheat, and depriving the Syrians of their country’s resources.

Sheikh Ghawar al-Hasu said to SANA reporter that “the tribesmen strongly reject the presence of the Turkish occupier and its interference in Syrian affairs and denounce its practices against the Syrian Al-Jazeera’s people. They also denounce the US occupation that stole the efforts and the goods of the Syrian civilian, pointing out that “the locals in Qamishli countryside are standing today in Tal Sateeh village from the al-Rashed clan and the rest of the tribesmen to confirm their rejection of any occupation of one inch of Syrian land.”

A villager, Saleh Al-Nasser, stressed the need for “unifying the ranks of the Syrian sons in the face of the Turkish and the Zionist American occupations, and  the rejection of anyone who tries to disperse the sons of Syria to control their minds, steal their land and plunder their resources”.

The Syrian Al-Jazeera region has been witnessing demonstrations and national stands in rejection of the Turkish and US occupation forces, denouncing their practices and the theft of oil and wealth of the country in cooperation and collusion with their tools in those areas.

Raghda Sawas