“ Dual Dream “is a joint exhibition from our daily life

The Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummana is currently hosting a Joint plastic exhibition entitled “ Dual Dream” for the artists Fatima Al-Soudi and Sawsan Al-Mustafa.

The exhibition displays19 oil paintings in different sizes by the artist Fatima, through which she embodies feminine faces using shining colors ,Sawsan exhibits 21 paintings using paper techniques depicting nature, roses, portraits and animals using strong colors.

About the exhibition, artist Fatima said to Syria Times(e-news paper) “I participated in the exhibition with oil paintings that represented symbols of expressionist art”.

“Sawsan I and have trained at the Arts Center in the Wafdeen Camp area near Damascus, under the supervision of artist Professor Hassan Khalil” she added.

Fatima goes on to say “my ideas are inspired from daily life in our society. The exhibition shows many themes but my focus was mainly on the vital role of women. Women who in our society have endured a lot misery during the crisis in Syria. That is why her role has become very important in her family and society” .

“ I participated in several exhibitions in 2019 and 2018 inside and outside Syria. Art for me is a beautiful hobby that can develop our minds and thoughts, especially when using colors. I hope that art will flourish widely in our beloved country”.

“My ambition is also for people in general to get acquainted with our local art so they discover that Syria is rich with its culture art, and talents” she concluded ..

“For her part, Sawsan said, "This is my first participation in an art exhibition and I chose the art of papers to express through the bright colors of joy and happiness and to overcome our suffering”.

In his turn, Hassan Khalil, Director of the Arts Center said, "We came to the exhibition to encourage the two talented artists who are from the students of the center

Interviewed by : Nada Haj Khidr