Report assessing the damage caused to different sectors by recent fires in the Syrian city of Tartous

TARTOUS, (ST)- 3972 families have been affected by the recent fires that erupted in several areas in the Syrian province of Tartous, according to a report prepared by concerned parties in Tartous governorate.

 According to the report, 12242 dunums of agricultural lands as well as 10778 dunums of forest area have been damaged in the wildfires that have also left 256,000 trees burnt.

Seven chicken famrs, 60 green houses and 68 beehives have also been damaged in the fires.

The report pointed out that 84 fires broke out in the province of Tartous ,including in Safita, Sheikh Bader, Dreikeesh, Qadmous and Banias. Some 40 vehicles from the province's directorates, establishments and service circles took part in putting out the fires which also caused damage to the electricity and communications networks.

 In the field of electricity, the report said that the damage caused to the electricity network involved the cables, the wood and iron towers as well as the electric power transformers, pointing out that electricity has been restored to all affected areas since last Saturday.

In the domain of communications, 1770 lines were damaged in different areas, 1480 of which have been restored, while the others still need maintenance.

The report mentioned no damage in the water networks, but it noted the need to  implement a third water line, the cost of which is estimated at 10 billion Syrian Pounds, in order to cover the shortage of water feeding the villages of Jard Banias and Jard al-Qadmous.

The report talked about the type of activity that is most wanted by the locals in the areas that were exposed to fires, and this includes farming various crops such as legumes, tobacco, winter vegetables, wheat, and medicinal and aromatic plants as well as breeding animals like cows, goats, sheep, hens and bees. The report also noted the need for establishing a dairy and cheese processing unit in al-Barqia village in Safita countryside.

Meantime in Lattakia, Head of the Forestry Department at the Lattakia Directorate of Agriculture Basem Douba said that four joint committees were formed by the Agriculture Directorate and the Real Estate Services Directorate to survey the areas that were affected by recent fires so that future plans can be drawn up to rehabilitate these areas.

Hamda Mustafa