Syria denounces Pompeo’s visit to the Israeli settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan

Syria has denounced in the strongest terms the US Secretary of State’s visit to the Israeli settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan, considering the step as a flagrant violation of its sovereignty.
“The government of the Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms Mike Pompeo’s visit to the Israeli settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan. The visit is a provocative step that comes prior to the end of the era of Trump’s administration and at a time when the Israeli occupation authorities launch repeated aggressions on Syria, the latest of which was on Nov.17th,” An official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Thursday.
The source added that Syria asserts that such criminal visits encourage “Israel” to continue its dangerous aggressive policy that would not have taken place without the unlimited and continued support provided, in particular, by the US administration and the immunity from accountability provided and imposed by these countries.
It went on to say that Syria calls on the UN and the International Community to condemn this visit which violates the UN resolutions, including the UN Security Council resolution no 497.
The source concluded by saying that Syria calls once again on the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities in the framework of the UN Charter to force “Israel” to stop its flagrant violations of the UN Charter and the International Law and respect international legitimacy resolutions, particularly UN Security Council Resolutions no. 242, 338, 350 and 497 which all call for the Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Syrian Golan until the line of June 4th , 1967.
Basma Qaddour