The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries attack villages in Abu Rasin district, in Hasaka countryside with rockets and missiles

The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from the terrorist organizations assaulted with rockets and artillery shells a number of safe villages in Abu Rasin district in the northwestern Hasaka countryside, causing material damage to the property of civilians and their homes.

Civil sources told SANA reporter that “a missile strike carried out by the Turkish occupation forces and the terrorist groups that support them targeted a number of safe villages, including Tel HermelNweihat and Khadrway, west of Abu Rasin town in the northwestern Hasaka countryside. Then the attack was followed by a sporadic assault with artillery and heavy machine guns, which caused great material damage to the property of the people and their homes. ”

Foreign Ministry: The agreement between the (SDF) militia and an American company to steal Syrian oil is an attack on Syrian sovereignty and a continuation of the American hostile approach against Syria

Syria strongly condemned the agreement signed between the "Qasad militia" and an American oil company to steal Syrian oil, stressing that it considers this agreement as null and void and has no legal effect.

The Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns the agreement signed between the “Qasad militia” and an American oil company to steal Syrian oil under the auspices and support of the American administration, an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement to SANA today.

The source stressed that this agreement is considered a robbery and can only be described as a deal between thieves stealing and others buying, adding that it constitutes an attack on Syrian sovereignty and a continuation of the American hostile approach towards Syria in stealing the wealth of the Syrian people and obstructing the efforts of the Syrian state to reconstruct what was destroyed by terrorism which is mostly supported by the American administration.

General Ayoub: Terrorism is retreating, its sponsors witness the collapse of their sinister plans

Damascus (ST): Deputy Commander in Chief of the army and armed forces and Minister of Defence general Ali Abdulla Ayoub affirmed that terrorism was retreating and its sponsors are witnessing the collapse of their plans thanks to the legendary steadfastness of Syria’s people, army and leadership, noting that Syria has set an example to be followed in confronting terrorism and defeating it despite the unlimited support offered by its sponsors.

In a telephone call he made with the Syrian TV Channel on the 75thanniversary for the establishment of the Syrian Arab army, General Ayoub extended congratulations to Syrian people, leadership and men of the army who have been the makers of victories and the bulwark on which all sinister plans targeting Syria were smashed.

Memorial stamp issued on 75th army foundation anniversary

Damascus (ST): The General Establishment for Post has issued a memorial stamp in commemoration of the Syrian Arab Army Day which falls on August 1st.

The Establishment said in a statement that people can get it from post offices in various Syrian governorates for 200 Syrian pounds.

Today is the 75th anniversary for founding the Syrian Arab Army.



The People's Assembly: The Syrian Arab Army ‘s victories over terrorism embody courage and honorable stances

The People's Assembly affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army, which is bravely confronting bravely   terrorism, consolidates by  its  victories  the  values of courage  , noble  stances  and  strict adherence  to defending the homeland  against the forces of evil.

Marking  the 75th anniversary of founding  the Syrian Arab Army, the PA   indicated in a statement  that the army embodies the principles and values that it carried since its foundation in defending the land and preserving dignity in the face of hostile agendas that seek to undermine the sovereignty and independent decision of Syria.

The competent authorities in Homs seize weapons and ammunition intended for smuggling to terrorist groups in Idlib countryside

Homs, (ST) - The competent authorities in Homs seized on Thursday a large amount of weapons and ammunition intended for smuggling to terrorist groups in the northern countryside of Idlib.

SANA reporter in Homs stated that the competent authorities seized a large variety of weapons and ammunition at the administrative borders between Hama and Homs cities , during an attempt to smuggle all of it to terrorists in northern countryside of Idlib.

The seized weapons included rifles, machine guns, missiles, mortars and RPGs, various-caliber mortars and a large amount of light and medium ammunition.

The Turkish occupation bomb the village of Al-Tawila in Hasaka countryside

On July 30, the Turkish occupation forces renewed the attack on civilian homes and property in Hasaka countryside.

Civil sources said that the Turkish occupation forces fired shells against several homes in the village of Al-Tawila in the countryside of Tel Tamr, northwest of Hasaka, causing damage to some of the people's property and public facilities in the village.

Last Monday, a woman was injured as a result of a terrorist attack by the Turkish occupation forces in the town of Abu Rasin in the northern Hasaka countryside.

The Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries target the terrorist-occupied areas of Ras Al-Ain and its surrounding area with shells and rockets, safe villages and towns.


O. al-Mohammad