The Israeli enemy attacks front military points in Syria's Quneitra

QUNEITRA, (ST)- The Israeli enemy last night attacked three front  military positions in Syria's Quneitra province, a military source announced on Friday, according to the Syrian News Agency SANA.

 Two soldiers were slightly wounded and fire broke out in nearby forests, the source said.

Memorial stamp marks centenary of Maysaloon battle

Damascus (ST): The Syrian General Post Establishment issued a memorial stamp and a card  on the occasion of the 100thanniversary of Maysaloon battle.

The Establishment said in a statement that the value of the stamp is 500 Syrian pounds, while  the card will be sold at 1500SP.

Earlier, the Establishment issued a stamp on May 31st marking the World Day for Combatting Smoking.


Hasaka: National stand demands for withdrawal of US & Turkish occupation from Syria

Hasaka (ST): The people of al-Watotia in Qameshli countryside organized a national stand demanding the withdrawal of the US and Turkish occupations from Syrian territories and denouncing the unilateral coercive measures being imposed on Syria. 

News reporter said that locals of al-Watotia village in the southern countryside of Qameshli organized a national stand demanding the expulsion of US and Turkish forces from Syria and condemning the so-called Caesar Act.

"Syria Brings us Together" Festival in Old Homs

Homs, (ST)- In an initiative to reduce the burden of living and provide the basic materials to citizens at low prices, the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection and the Homs Governorate in cooperation with the Homs Chamber of Commerce recently, launched the shopping festival(Souria Btejmaana ), "Syria brings us together" in the old Homs markets.

Warplanes of so-called international coalition intercept Iranian civil plane

Damascus (ST): Civil Aviation sources said that warplanes affiliated to the so-called international coalition intercepted an Iranian passenger plane in the Syrian air space over al-Tanf area forcing the pilot to sharply lower his plane causing light injuries to the passengers.

Al-Jaafari: Syria will never abandon its firm principles no matter how strong the pressure is

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, said on Thursday that the success of the political process, which is facilitated by the United Nations and led and owned by Syria, necessitates the implementation of what is required from Security Council in order to guarantee commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, ending foreign occupation, combating terrorism and the immediate lifting of the coercive measures being imposed on the Syrian people.

Turkish regime reduces the quantity of water pumped to Syria's Hasaka by half

HASAKA, (ST)_ The General Institute of Drinking Water in Hasaka governorate has stressed that the quantity of water that comes from Alouk station has been reduced by  half as the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries control Alouk station, which is the only drinking water source in the governorate.
The Director of the Institute Mahmod al-Akleh said that the quantity of water being pumped from Alouk station in Ras Al-Ayn countryside towards water tanks in Hemmeh area is around 40.000 cubic meter, half of the quantity that the station pumps.