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Syrian students abroad are homeland's ambassadors

Several heads and members of the branches of the National Union of Syrian Students ( NUSS) abroad, who took part in the 15th conference of the union, said that conference was an opportunity to show what they had done over the past period and their active role in Arab and foreign universities. 

Terrorist attack on Nawa region in south Syria

Terrorists attacked today at dawn the headquarters of Nawa region in the western countryside of Daraa, south Syria. 
According to police commander in the governorate of Daraa brigadier Derar sl-Dandal, the terrorists fired RPG on the headquarters of Nawa region and then they launched an attack with light weapons. 

Festivity marks 100th anniversary of Maysaloon Battle

Damascus (ST): Marking the 100th anniversary of Maysaloon Battle, a festivity was held at the National Al-Assad Library. The participants focused on the personal and military life of Martyr Yousef al-Azmeh reminding us  of the heroic deeds of  Al-Azmeh in confronting occupation and adopting resistance as a way of  dignified life.

  Head of the Syrian Revolution Men's League said that Maysaloon Battle was the gate of dignity for Syrian people, noting that the late al-Azmeh worked hard for establishing  the Syrian Arab army because he believed that the army is the immune fence of the country.

Researcher Dr. Fandi Abu Fakher reviewed the biography of the late al-Azmeh whose decision to wage Maysaloon Battle was a lighthouse that guided the way for Syrian people to press ahead with resistance acts until the attainment of independence.

Dr. Mohammad al-Hourani said that Maysaloon Battle has founded the path of resistance in the modern Arab history.

Director of al-Assad Library Iyad Murshed said that the late al-Azmeh had chosen martyrdom and sacrifice to resist Sykes Picot Accords.


Dialogue sessions on higher education and political empowerment of youths held within the framework of NUSS general conference

Damascus (ST): Within the framework of the 15th General Conference of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) open dialogue sessions were held on higher education and scientific research, unemployment and job opportunities and political empowering of youth.

During the session on higher education and scientific research, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific  Research Dr. Bassam Ibrahim underlined the crucial role NUSS has been playing in coordinating work with the Ministry of Higher Education in order to issue important decisions in favour of students, stressing that the ministry has been working to link the university with society and enhance partnership between educational and research institutions to confront various challenges and difficulties that resulted from the terrorist war launched against Syria.

During the session held on unemployment and job opportunities, the interventions centred on the mechanism adopted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to facilitate  access of university and institute graduates into job markets and facilitate loans for small and micro-projects.

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Rima al-Qaderi affirmed that cooperation has been continuous with NUSS in service of students, noting that the Ministry has launched a package of programs to facilitate the youth's entry into job market.

In the axis of political empowerment for youth, the interventions centred on the necessity of developing appropriate mechanisms and legislations to make youth capable of actively participating in decision-making and contribute to the development of their society.

About 400 students are taking part in the conference which kicked off last Saturday under the title of " A pledge we renew: education, steadfastness and victory".


Because of the Turkish occupation, a movement of displacement in the villages of Ras Al-Ain, northwest Hasaka

The Turkish-occupied town of Ras Al-Ain and its villages witnessed a movement of displacement due to the chaos, instability, the large number of terrorist bombings and the state of fighting  between mercenary factions in the town and its countryside.

Civil sources said that a number of families from the Abu Rasin village, eastern Ras al-Ain, have been displaced from their villages and homes towards safe villages where Syrian Arab army units are deployed due to repeated attacks by Turkish occupation mercenaries and the deteriorating security situation.

On July 26, 8 people, including women and children, were killed and others wounded when a car bomb exploded in the town of Ras Al-Ain, where terrorist groups linked to the Erdogan regime are spread in the northwestern Hasakacountryside.


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US-backed militia continues to prevent electricity company's workers from entering their headquarters in Hasaka

HASAKA, (ST)_ For the 30th day running, the US-backed "Syrian Democratic Forces" militia continues to prevent the workers of the General electricity Company  from entering their headquarters in Hasaka.

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the workers are still staging a sit-in outside the headquarters of the company during their working time, calling on all parties to intervene to stop the SDF militia's suppressive acts against the people of the region.

Syrian students discuss the homeland's problems

The Participants in the 15th conference of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) have discussed the problems that face their homeland and have exchanged view points on the ways of developing the work of students.

Member of the NUSS's central council Nedal Ammar said that the conference is an opportunity to brief participants on the activities of the union at Arab, regional and international levels and its strong relations with youth organizations that stand by Syria.