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Turkish occupation mercenaries fire artillery shells against citizens houses in Tal Abyad in Raqqa countryside

RAQQA, (ST)-The Turkish occupation forces and the affiliated terrorist mercenaries on Saturday fired artillery shells against the villages in Tal-Abyad city in the far northern countryside of Raqqa.

Local sources told SANA reporter that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries used their artillery guns to attack the houses of citizens in the villages of Qaza'li, Qrunful and Beir Arab to the west of Tal Abyad city in Raqqa northern countryside. The attack caused destruction to several houses and public property.

Since its aggression on Syrian territories last October, the Turkish occupation in cooperation with terrorist mercenaries captured several villages  and towns in the northwestern countryside of Hasaka and the northern countryside of Raqqa, displacing thousands of Syrian families and looting their houses, properties and resources.

QSD militia deprives children from their right of education

Hasaka (ST): QSD militia, backed by the US occupation forces, has been committing systematic criminal acts against locals in Hasaka governorate, especially in Qameshli city and its countryside through seizing government schools by force, expelling their teaching cadres and depriving them from their right of education.

QSD militia’s recent violations, which came in implementation of the US occupation forces orders , included seizing 137 governmental schools out of 213 for different stages with the aim of depriving children from education and imposing the separatist trend through unauthorized curricula.

Turkish occupation forces bring a in convoy of military vehicles in preparation for new aggression

Hasaka (ST): The Turkish occupation forces brought in a convoy of military vehicles and lorries loaded with arms and logistic equipment through Ras al-Ein Gate in preparation for launching a new aggression on al-Derbasiyia city and Abu Rasin town in the northern Countryside of Hasaka.

Local sources said that the Turkish occupation forces brought in today a convoy of military vehicles and lorries loaded with arms and ammunition to the occupied Ras al-Ein city.
The sources added that the Turkish convoy headed to the village of Bab al-Kheir and al-Dawoodiyeh amid news about the intention of the Turkish occupation to launch a new aggression against al-Derbasiyia city and Abu Rasin town.

Deir Ezzour: “Returning to School 2020” festival kicks off with the participation of 40 companies

Deir Ezzour (ST): The activities of "Returning to School "2020 festival kicked off at the President’s Square yesterday with the participation of 40 companies.
The exhibits of the festival include stationery, food materials, clothes, medical equipment and furniture.

Member of the Executive Bureau of Deir Ezzour Governorate and head of the Festival’s committee said that the Festival is jointly organized by the Governorate and Zein Al-Abidine Foundation ahead of the start of the new scholastic year.He added that the Syrian

Mercenary terrorists kidnap 10 civilians in Hasaka Countryside

Hasaka (ST): The mercenary terrorists of the Turkish regime continued their criminal practices in the areas where they are deployed .

A number of terrorists attacked locals in the village of Luzi in Ras al-Ein north west of Hasaka Countryside following the attempts made by locals to prevent them from plundering humanitarian aid. Local sources said that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation beat locals, especially women and the elderly in a savage way.

The sources added that the mercenary terrorists launched an arrest campaign in the village of Luzi and kidnapped ten civilians and led them to an unknown area, pointing out that the terrorists set up checkpoints with the aim of plundering locals’ possessions by force.
Earlier, a group of Turkish regime mercenaries pursued a school teacher while he was carrying out agricultural work in his field west of Um Harmalaeh village, north of Abu Rasin town, and kidnapped him and his 12-year-old child and took them to an unknown destination.

Hasaka countryside: US occupation brings in more military vehicles & logistic equipment to its illegitimate bases

Hasaka (ST): US occupation forces brought in military vehicles to their illegitimate bases in Hasaka countryside coming from Iraq through al-Waleed illegitimate crossing and so pressing ahead with its flagrant violations of international law and norms.

Local sources in al-Sweidiyah village in Hasaka countryside told a news reporter that the US occupation forces brought in a convoy comprising 52 vehicles loaded with military equipment and logistic materials to the Syrian territories coming from Iraq through al-Waleed illegitimate crossing point.

Syria & Russia: Illegal US occupation forces’ existence in Syria exacerbates tension

Moscow (ST): Syria and Russia stressed that the US illegitimate occupation forces’ existence on the territories of the sovereign Syrian state exacerbates tension in the region, and the US bargains with the separatist QSD militia are illegal and criminal acts. 

The Syrian and Russian coordination committees on the return of the displaced Syrians said, in a statement, that one of the serious reasons for provoking concern is the situation in the northeast of Syria because of the US unlawful presence and its allies on the territories of the sovereign Syrian state which leads to creating tension hotbeds in the region.

The statement added that the striking example of stirring tension is the suspicious deal signed between the separatist “QSD” militia in northeastern Syria and a US company to cooperate in the field of extracting and selling the Syrian oil.