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Voluntary team of Syrian youth participates in initiative to tackle coronavirus

Damascus, (ST)- Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), a group of Syrian youths have exerted efforts to confront this global pandemic by forming a team for that purpose and they called it Aqimha “Sterilize it”.

The team has participated in sterilization campaigns for public facilities, in addition to spreading awareness of the virus, distributing masks and medical alcohol, and spreading health awareness.

Later the group developed to become a medical team that supports the government’s efforts in tackling the coronavirus as it has moved from spreading health awareness to helping and treating the infected persons with coronavirus .

Dr. Khalid Awwad, a member of the initiative, told SANA that with the beginning of the increase in the number of the coronavirus infections, the team intensified its efforts and  mobilized all of its human resources to secure oxygen cylinders and distribute them to needy patients, and the medical staff provided medical advice around the clock through the consultations whether on the telephone or from home.

Poisoning and suffocation of a number of children in Al-Hol camp, which is controlled by the "Qasad militia" in the countryside of Hasaka

Hasaka,(ST)-A number of children from Al-Hol camp in the eastern countryside of Hasakah were poisoned and suffocated after consuming doses of sleeping materials with the aim of  smuggling from the camp which is controlled by the "Qasad" militia, a militia supported by the American occupation forces.

Sources from inside the camp stated that more than 25 children suffered from suffocation and poisoning after consuming excessive doses of sleeping materials during the preparation process  for them to be smuggled through water tanks or wooden boxes outside Al-Hol camp, which is witnessing a state of continuous deterioration of the conditions of its residents, and an acute shortage of water and materials Food and unsanitary conditions have led to the spread of diseases among them, especially children, as recent days have witnessed many cases of diarrhea due to water pollution.

The number of coronavirus infections in Syria reached 2830

The Syrian Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that 65 new coronavirus cases have been registered in Syria and 17 cases have recovered while 4 have died.
The Ministry indicated that the number of infections in the country  reached 2830 , of which 646 patients have recovered while 116  have died.

US occupation forces bring in 60 trucks loaded with military equipment to illegal base in Syria

US occupation forces continued to reinforce their illegal bases in Syria's al-Jazeera region, bringing in a new convoy of trucks and military vehicles from the Iraqi territories through al-Walid illegitimate crossing, south of Hasaka city.

Jordanian politicians condemn Turkish regime's attacks on Syria

A joint delegation representing the Association Against Zionism and Racism and the National Movement Party in Jordan has affirmed its solidarity with Syria in confronting the coercive economic measures being imposed on it and the practices of the Turkish occupation forces.

During a visit paid by the delegation to the Syrian Embassy in Amman, Dr. Azmi Mansour, the head of the Association, stressed the rejection of the so-called “Caesar Act” that targets the Syrian people, expressing his condemnation of the Turkish occupation forces’ attacks on Syrian territory, and of the crime of cutting water supply into Hasaka by Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s regime.

A woman is seriously wounded in a landmine blast in Damascus countryside

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (ST)_ A woman was seriously wounded on Tuesday in a landmine blast -a mine left behind by terrorist groups in the farms of Beit Jen in the southwestern countryside of Damascus.
A source at the Police Command declared that a woman, aged 40, was wounded when a landmine exploded as she was working on the farm of her family.

A Motorcycle explodes in northern Raqqa

 A number of civilians were injured as a result of a motorcycle bomb explosion in the town of Suluk in the northern countryside of Raqqa, where the Turkish occupation forces and its allied terrorist groups are deployed.

Local sources reported that a motorcycle exploded due to quantities of explosive materials in the town of Suluk in the Tal Abyad region in the northern countryside of Raqqa, causing injuries to a number of civilians and material damage to homes and properties.

It is to be mentioned that the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries from terrorist groups occupied the city of Tal Abyad on the thirteenth of last October, after bombing its neighborhoods and destroying most of their infrastructure, which led to the displacement of large numbers of people.