Miqdad Says Iran Supported Syria in Confronting Terrorist Aggression

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Deputy Minister of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs Faisal al-Miqdad has underscored that Syrian-Iranian brotherhood relationship will last forever and it has deep roots in the culture and civilization of the two countries’ peoples.

His statement was made during a reception held today by the Iranian embassy at the ‘Dama Rose’ Hotel in Damascus in the presence of several Syrian top-ranking officials to mark the 39th anniversary of the victory of the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

 “Iran has supported Syria in confronting terrorist aggression and both countries are working together to foil the US-Zionist plot that wants to make al-Quds [Jerusalem] the capital of Israel,” al-Miqdad said, asserting that Syria is triumphing thanks to the full support offered by freedom fighters and strugglers from all over the world.

He, in addition, talked about victories being achieved over criminal terrorist groups by the Syrian army under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

“The great achievement realized yesterday by shooting down the Israeli enemy’s fighter jet that tried to attack our sovereignty indicates Syria’s determination to defeat its enemies,” al-Miqdad said, affirming that the destiny of any aggressor on Syria will be similar to the destiny of the Israeli enemy’s jet and the destiny of the policies practiced by the Israeli enemy, the United States, the western countries and the world Zionism to have hegemony over the region.

On his part, the Iranian Ambassador to Syria Javad Torkabadi spoke of the strong relations between his country and Syria.

He pointed out that Iran will participate in the reconstruction process in Syria and it backs the success of Syrian-Syrian dialogue away from any foreign intervention in order to pave the way for the restoration of peace to the country.

The Iranian diplomat asserted his country’s adherence to fighting terrorism, saying that Iran has played an effective role in driving terrorists out of cities in Syria and Iraq in cooperation with the two countries’ governments.

Basma Qaddour