PA Speaker Thanks DPRK for Supporting Syria's Fight against Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Speaker of the People's Assembly (Parliament) Hammoudeh al-Sabbagh thanked the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), as people and leadership, for its firm honorable brave stances in support for Syria's fight against terrorism..

During his meeting on Monday with the DPRK's Ambassador in Damascus Jang Myong Ho, Sabbagh affirmed the importance of boosting the Syria-DPRK parliamentary relations, noting strong historical ties, friendship and cooperation between the two countries who have been for years facing imperialist hegemony forces and the American schemes.

The PA Speaker reiterated that Syria's steadfastness has failed all the conspiracies and schemes hatched against Syria by the Wahhabi takfiri reactionary forces and imperialism.

 "Every time the terrorists suffer defeats under the strikes of the Syrian Arab army, the Zionist enemy, the United States and their agents in the region start attacking Syria," said Sabbagh, pointing out that "Syria has retaliated against such attacks and the response will be stronger if the enemy thinks again of attacking the Syrian sovereignty," with reference to the latest Israeli aggression on Syrian territory and the Syrian army's downing of an Israeli warplane.  

Syrian, Korean peoples are in the same trench against their common enemy

On his part, the Korean ambassador said he was pleased over the victories being achieved by the Syrian Arab army in the confrontation of terrorist organizations, expressing hope that more achievements will be made to restore security and stability in Syria.

Myong Ho stressed that the people of the DPRK consider Syria's victories against terrorism as being their own achievements, expressing confidence the Syrian and Korean peoples will continue to be in the same trench against their common enemy.

Speaking to journalists following the meeting, Myong commented on the Syrian army downing of an Israeli fighter jet. He said the Syrian Arab army has taught the Zionist entity a hard lesson by downing an enemy warplane that attacked the Syrian territories, stressing Syria's right to defend itself by adopting all measures necessary to protect its sovereignty.

He voiced his country's support for all Syria's procedures in the battle to defend its sovereignty and independence.

Hamda Mustafa