Syria Isn’t Concerned in Any Constitution Committee that Isn’t Purely Syrian

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs ad Expatriates Ayman Susan has underscored Syria’s commitment to only the points on which participants in Sochi Syrian National Dialogue Congress voted.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Susan explained the Syrian stance on the issue of forming the “committee in charge of discussing the constitution”, which Sochi congress specified its tasks, mandate and members who must be chosen from the participants of Sochi. He said “Syria’s stance on this issue is clear; that is, Syria is not concerned in and has nothing to do with any committees that are not (Syrian-Syrian) including in its formation, presidency, dialogue.”

 “Sochi Congress didn’t give UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura any authority whatsoever,” Susan added, pointing out that “the draft of Sochi statement in its conclusive item talks about giving de Mistura a role that contradicts the Congress’s principle which says that the decision must be a (Syrian-Syria) without foreign intervention. Consequently, the participants rejected this item and voted with majority on omitting it in the presence of representatives of de Mistura team who witnessed the Syrians’ refusal to the existence of any mandate on the Syrian decision.”

The Syrian diplomat stressed the Syrian government’s commitment to the Syrian society’s point of view, given that all the participants of Sochi represent all categories of the Syrian society.

Hamda Mustafa