Chinese Vice Foreign Minister told Shaaban: We continue to support and cooperate with Syria in combating terrorism

Beijing, (ST) - Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, political and media advisor in the presidency, discussed with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Shen Xiaodong during their meeting in Beijing today, the bilateral relations between the two countries, which are based on friendship and partnership.

Shaaban stressed that Syria and China are in the same boat in breaking the concept of unipolar and Western domination, noting that the forum held by the Government of China on human rights in the countries of the South is a historic step from which to start to formulate an international human rights pact that will be a referenced in the whole world and not in South countries only.

Shaaban clarified that the false allegations of the United States regarding human rights have been exposed, as they use human rights as a pretext for their blatant interference in the internal affairs of other countries, this requires taking a unified stance from all countries of the world and developing strategies and solutions to confront Western domination and defend usurped rights.


Shaaban stressed that Syria, under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, believes in promoting the steps that benefit both countries, pointing to Syria's policy based on orientation and working to strengthen the bonds and ties of friendship between Syria and China at all political, economic, social and cultural levels.

For his part, Xiaodong stressed that China continues to support Syria in order to safeguard the common interests of both countries, especially in light of the escalation of Western hegemony and unilateral measures taken by Western powers against our countries.

Xiaodong also expressed his country's readiness to provide economic assistance and support to Syria, indicating its eagerness to actively participate in the reconstruction process and its aspiration for more cooperation and participation in this field. He also expressed his country's satisfaction with the progress of the political process in Syria.

 Xiaodong  added that he highly appreciated the efforts made by Syria and its army in combating terrorism in all its forms and organizations, including the "East Turkistan Movement", and expressed his country's readiness to provide support in this regard, stressing the need to continue cooperation in the field of combating terrorism.

Xiaodong noted the "strict" position announced by the government of the Syrian Arab Republic against the recent decision of the US Congress regarding the region of Xinjiang and the Syrian support to China in this regard.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Imad Mustafa, Syrian Ambassador to China.

Haifaa Mafalani